PTL Social Media

Following are five examples of social media posts that were created during my employment at Particle Technology Labs.

Social media marketing was only part of my job description at PTL as a digital designer. My responsibilities for social media management included strategy, scheduling, writing, design, and posting, as well as producing illustrations, photography, video, and motion graphics for use within the posts.

Posts I developed and designed for Facebook and LinkedIn were created between July 2018, and November 2020.

Example 1 – Photography and link to a blog post I wrote as part of a comprehensive campaign.

Example 2 – Design, advertising campaign slogan, trade show marketing campaign.

Example 3 – Design, brand recognition campaign, print design, advertising campaign, and slogan.

Example 4 – Photography and marketing for a community outreach campaign.

Example 5  – Illustration and marketing for marketing of new laboratory equipment.